Welcome to the English part of my personal website. 


My name is Konstantin Asimonov, and I write books. I started my first novel during Covid, liked it, and since then I have been trying to write more. In 2022 I’ve decided to gradually transition from Russian to English. I began by translating some of the already written short stories and novels. Eventually, I will write in English as well. 


My first novel is called “Black Tower of Ostkreuz”, and it is a post-apocalyptic horror-fantasy taking place in modern Berlin. It is quite fun and fast-paced. You can fully read it in Russian here


My second novel is called “A Grain of Salt”, and it is about scientific discovery, academic life and ghosts. I am currently translating it to English. You can read it if you sign up for the paid version of my Substack


My third novel is currently being written. 


I was born in Russia, lived most of my life in Israel, and a few years ago moved to Europe. I am a chemist by profession, phlegmatic by temperament, and generally quite boring in real life. I enjoy books by Karel Čapek, movies by the Coen brothers, and silence instead of music. 


I love dogs, but not exclusively. 


If you would like to contact me, you can use the comment section below, my substack Tap Water Sommelier, or the email me(strudel)asimonov.me. If you are a literary agent or an editor, please use the third option.


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Black Tower of Ostkreuz (novel)


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